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134 Franklin Ave
Dunkirk, NY, 14048
United States

Biaki New York is a NYC based company that specializes in customized luxury doors.

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Our Founders

Bia Khan

Bia Khan has been in the business of handcrafted doors for over 20 years, managing Operations and creating exterior doors for luxury homes, prestigious schools, and high-end retail stores. She has overseen implementation of comprehensive projects for Princeton University, University of New Hampshire, MoMA, Frick Estate, Louis Boston, and the Goyard flagship store in Manhattan.

With the launch of BIAKI, Bia and her team are now able to offer clients a select group of exquisite new doors designed to enhance the beauty of interior spaces. BIAKI doors feature a variety of mediums while maintaining the integrity of quality solid wood constitution. Bia sees the BIAKI line of doors as part of the entire visual experience, creating centerpieces around which the interior space is designed. 


Kiran Khan

As Creative Director Kiran Khan views BIAKI as an adventure that allows for her comprehensive fine arts background and creative acumen to merge. Kiran sees colors, materials, and objects in a uniquely artistic light, always wondering what else can be done, and what’s next. Interior design and architecture have always held an allure for Kiran who continuously explores combinations that bring richness and texture to surroundings